An easy-to-understand explanation of how to formulate a content marketing strategy!

This article is aimed at the following people who have challenges in content marketing strategies.

  • SMEs who want to start content marketing
  • Those who are in trouble because the results of content marketing are difficult to improve
  • Those who want to know about content marketing strategies

In fact, in order to be cost-effective in content marketing, it is essential to develop a strategy in advance.

This is because SMEs have limited human resources and time, and in order to utilize these resources efficiently, it is most ideal to proceed strategically.

After reading this article, you will be able to understand the basic knowledge of content marketing strategies, how to formulate strategies, and specific methods for gaining the understanding of superiors and management, and use them in your marketing strategy.

Then, I will explain it at once!

What is content marketing in the first place? Let’s review the meaning

Content marketing is a marketing method that attracts customers by providing users with “in -house original content” such as blog articles, videos, e-mail newsletters, and SNS .

By providing high-value content to users, we will earn the trust and lead to future purchases and fanning.

It’s not just about people who want to buy, but people at all stages, such as people who don’t know their products yet,content marketing people who are interested in other companies’ products, and existing customers.

Another feature is that it also has nurturing (customer development)

The need for content marketing strategies

Since it is a long-term measure, it will not be effective unless it is implemented strategically.

Content marketing is a method of steadily accumulating results by continuing in the medium to long term (about 6 to 12 months), rather than achieving results in the short term.

Therefore, it is important not to start blindly, but to analyze your company first and make a strategy to some extent .

◎ Strategy is simply “to make a plan to reach the destination”

To put it simply, a strategy is to make a plan or set a direction to achieve a goal. Also, how to distribute resources such as human resources and budget? Operation plans such as are also included in the strategy.

After making a “strategy”, think about “tactics”. Tactics refer to concrete means such as “how to reach the goal?” And “how to achieve the goal?” .

Please refer to the article below for an easy-to-understand explanation of the basics of strategy and tactics.

Strategies are essential for SMEs, especially as resources are limited

Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, it is recommended to develop a strategy in advance because it is necessary to efficiently utilize scarce resources .

When you decide to “start content marketing!”, There are many things that you want to do, and that you should do this as well.

However, SMEs with limited resources need to plan their strategies with an awareness of “narrowing down” rather than expanding too much from the beginning .

The most realistic and effective way is to analyze your company’s current situation, narrow down the measures that your company really needs , and devote all your resources to those narrowed down measures .

◎ Repeat hypothesis verification while working, and pivot if necessary

“Pivot” is a marketing term that means “turning” and is used to change the direction or change the route of a strategy.

Since content marketing is often understood by actually trying it, it is recommended that you first implement it after narrowing down the measures and formulating a strategy.

We will look back while working on it , and if we do not feel the results, we will pivot on the way. SMEs have a lighter footwork than large companies, so they have the advantage of being able to flexibly change their strategies .

Let’s know the difference between “content marketing strategy” and “content strategy”

If you research “content marketing strategy” , you will come across the word “content strategy” .

The words are similar, but the meanings are different , so let’s check here.

“Content marketing strategy” Strategy for optimizing content marketing

Understand and analyze the current situation

In order to formulate a strategy, it is first necessary to identify the “current issues” . Let’s analyze the current situation of your company (and the content marketing that your company is conducting) and get an accurate grasp.

The following basic framework is used to analyze the current situation.

Set a goal

Once you understand the current issues, the next step is to set goals (KPI design) . KPI design is smooth when set up by following these steps:

  1. If there are multiple current issues, prioritize them
  2. Considering whether content marketing is appropriate for problem solving
  3.  There are cases where measures such as web advertising should be prioritized depending on the problem.
  4. Clarify the purpose
  5.  “Why do we do content marketing?”
  6.  “What kind of problems do you want to solve with content marketing?”
  7. The point to set a goal is to set
  8.  a deadline such as “by when”
  9. If possible, quantify the target (KPI setting)
  10.  Example: ○ Increase inquiries by ◎% by month

Clarify the persona

A persona is simply a customer image with a clearer target .

In content marketing, “persona setting” to further clarify the target to deliver content is a very important process .

In addition to basic information such as age, gender, place of residence, work, and annual income, the following items are decided and a customer image like a real person is set.

[Example of persona setting]

 ・ Life patterns

 ・ Values ​​(thoughts of things)

 ・ Hobbies and interests

 ・ How to spend holidays・ Frequency of

 Internet use

 ・ Problems

In the above list, “Troubles you have” is the most important point in setting a persona for content marketing .

This is because the point to deliver “valued content” to solve the user’s worries .

Providing valuable content leads to trust, purchasing, and royalization.

Please refer to ” 4-1. Persona ” in the following article for specific examples of persona’s “worries / issues” .

Finally, I will summarize this article “Content Marketing Strategy”.

Why is a content marketing strategy necessary?

  • Strategically implement for long-term measures to increase effectiveness
  • Strategy is essential for efficient use of resources