Best Digital Marketing services, Learn the Benefits and Drawbacks of Listing ads and SEO

Best Digital Marketing services, Learn the Benefits and Drawbacks of Listing ads and SEO

There are two ways to attract customers from search engines. “Listing ads” and “SEO“. By the way, if you are asked “What is the difference between the two?”, Can you explain it clearly?

Both are the same means of attracting customers from search engines to your website. However, there is a big difference in how to use it. In this blog, we will understand the features and differences of each, and explain from the basics when to use which one.

Search engines with the Best Digital Marketing assistance are crowded with users

Today, a huge number of users use search engines daily.

Therefore, search engines can be thought of as the “main streets” and “boulevards” that is the most visited on the Internet.

Just as opening a store in a good location on the main street attracts people, if you can make your site stand out with a search engine, you can attract a huge number of users to your site.

Weapons for that are “listing ads” and “SEO”. A good understanding of these two features will help you “more efficiently” attract “more” search users.

What is a listing advertisement?

Listing ads are a general term for ads that appear on search engine results screens.

The name “listing” comes from the fact that it is displayed together with the ” search result list ” that is lined up with the search result screens of major search engines such as Google and Yahoo !.

In addition, it may also be called “PPC” or “search-linked advertising.”

Listings are “text ads” that are displayed “according to keywords”

For listing ads, the ads set by each advertiser are displayed according to the search keywords by the search user. That’s why it’s also known as ” search-linked advertising .”

The content of the displayed advertisement consists of ” Title ” + ” Description ” + ” Site URL “. Since it does not include images or videos and is only text, it is classified as ” text advertising ” in the online advertising category.

Listing ads are ads that are displayed “without discomfort”

Major search engines such as Google and Yahoo! display listing ads side by side in the result list on the search result screen.

There, the ads and the results list look exactly like each other and are designed to make the user feel as uncomfortable as possible.

Ads are displayed above, below, and to the right of the results list for Google, and above, to the right of the results list for Yahoo !.

The cost of listing ads is “per click” “pay-per-click”

Both Google AdWords and Yahoo! Promotional Ads use a fee structure called ” pay-per-click “.

As the name suggests, pay-per-click ads add advertising costs “every time an ad is clicked.” Therefore, there is no cost while the ad is “just displayed”.

However, to advertise, it is necessary to set the “bid amount” that “If this advertisement is clicked, you will have to pay some amount” in advance. The higher your bid, the more your ad will appear in the “prominent place” of your search results.

Will paid listings to replace SEO?

So far, the characteristics of listing ads are “Means of attracting customers with search engines” “Display similar to search results” “Covering both Google and Yahoo!”

Best Digital Marketing services, Learn the Benefits and Drawbacks of Listing ads and SEO

Looking only here, it seems that there is no difference other than SEO and how it costs.

So are listing ads an alternative to SEO?

It’s a listing ad that allows you to display your site in a prominent place on a search engine if you only have to pay for it, but if you do this, do you need SEO measures?

In the next chapter, let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of each method in detail.

Advantages and disadvantages of listing

Let’s take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of paid listings.

The following four points can be mentioned as major points.

  • High advertising costs 
  • An early display of advertisements
  • Low click rate
  • You can set and manage advertisement display conditions 

1. High advertising costs (disadvantages of listing)

Since listing ads are pay-per-click, the cost will increase by the number of users collected.

Although you can set the maximum payment amount (bid amount) by yourself, the minimum unit price for displaying advertisements is determined by the auction format, so the unit price will rise if it is a popular and highly competitive keyword.

And the final total payment amount is “unit price decided at auction x number of clicks”, and the more you call people with good keywords, the more the cost will increase.

2. Early display of advertisements (advantages of listing)

That’s listing ads, and register for an account, ads and keywords, Once you have your’re such as bid, the ad is posted immediately, you can start to attract customers. This speedy start is one of the strengths of listing ads.

For example, listing ads are useful when you want to quickly attract users who search for any keyword on a newly opened site.

3. Low click rate (disadvantages of listing)

Listing ads will appear above, below, or to the right of your search results screen. All of them are “prominent places” and may seem like the best place to get your ad clicked.

Best Digital Marketing services, Learn the Benefits and Drawbacks of Listing ads and SEO

But the fact is the opposite. Humans have a habit of unknowingly avoiding (= ignoring) ads, and even in these prominent places, listing ads are rarely clicked more than the natural search result list.

Advantages and disadvantages of SEO

Next, let’s take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of SEO. The big points are the following four points.

No extra cost (advantage)

  • It may take some time for the effect to appear (disadvantages)
  • A high click rate can be expected when displayed at the top (advantage)
  • Cannot set / manage site display conditions (disadvantages)

No extra cost (advantages of SEO)

SEO is an effort to display the site at a high rank in the search result list of Google and Yahoo! 

The search ranking does not increase if you spend money, but it is necessary to steadily accumulate necessary measures.

On the contrary, the part that can be managed with money is limited, and other than that, depending on your efforts, you can increase the number of customers without spending extra money.

The SEO procedure is, in a sense, simple. If there is a page that users find “useful” and a link is attached to it and the Google rating is high, the ranking will rise and the number of customers will increase. 

Best Digital Marketing services, Learn the Benefits and Drawbacks of Listing ads and SEO

You can create your content, and basic link countermeasure support costs only a few thousand Rs, so the cost is much lower.

  • It may take some time for the effect to appear (disadvantages of SEO)
  • Unlike listing ads, which appear prominently as soon as you pay the money you need, SEO doesn’t work right away.

Whether your site has useful pages (content) or links to them, your site is until the Google Search program analyzes it, scores it, and rebuilds your search results list. 

The ranking is the same. This analysis/evaluation program is called the “Google Search Algorithm”.

This process of changing rankings can take just a few hours or even weeks. Therefore, for example, if you want to attract customers to the bargain sale campaign to be held tomorrow, SEO is not suitable.

A high effect of attracting customers can be expected when displayed at the top (advantages of SEO)

Unlike listing ads, which are not always clicked even if they appear in a prominent place, SEO allows you to expect a high click-through rate by displaying them at the top of the search.

Many search users unknowingly avoid advertisements such as listings and try to visit the site at the top of the search result list (= 1st page). Therefore, the effect of attracting customers by accumulating steady SEO far exceeds that of listing.

Also, once it is displayed at the top, it will continue to be displayed at the top for a while even if SEO is not stacked any more. Therefore, it can be said that SEO will be very cost-effective in the medium to long term.

Cannot set and manage site display conditions (Disadvantages of SEO)

It is the Google algorithm that determines the search ranking, and no one can manipulate the algorithm as desired. It’s said to be impossible, even for Google employees.

Therefore, detailed targeting such as “Let’s gather a lot of men in their 30s living in Tokyo on this page of this site for a week from what month and what day!” Is difficult with SEO.

However, if you create a “useful page” for the target and take measures against links, it is possible to attract customers in the medium to long term. 

By steadily accumulating measures, it is possible to attract a large number of customers at a lower cost than listing and for a long period of time.


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