What role does a Digital marketing agency play

According to a survey conducted by Fujitsu Research Institute, a major consulting company, in September 2016, 35.3% of companies are engaged in Digital marketing agency. Almost two years have passed since then.

This ratio will naturally rise.

However, when I contact the actual site, I often wonder, “Are you working in Digital marketing agency” “Are you achieving your goals?” In this article, I will explain the points for smooth efforts and achievement of goals by properly grasping the definition of digital marketing. 

“What is the difference between Digital marketing agency and web marketing?” “Isn’t it just a buzzword that paraphrases web marketing?”

These voices are often heard. Web marketing was a method of “having your website”. It attracts customers to the company’s corporate site and EC site to secure sales and prospects. Digital marketing, on the other hand, has a much broader meaning.

With the advent of the Internet and the emergence of all websites, web marketing was coined. Changes similar to those at that time are occurring one after another. Let me give you some specifics.

・ Explosive spread of smartphones.

・ The emergence of IoT (Internet of Things).

・ Spread of social media.

・ Generalization of smartphone apps.

・ Introducing Web services that can be used for free or at a low cost.

・ Utilization of big data.

・ Data linkage between online and offline and mutual customer transfer.

・ Realization of advanced automation such as ad tech, MA, and AI.

You can see that the same changes as when the website first appeared are happening in a short cycle. The model of “creating a website, attracting customers to it, and getting results” is not enough.

Therefore, the term digital marketing was coined to include web marketing. Digital marketing has the following main elements: Use digital devices such as smartphones and IoT, and digital technologies such as ad tech and marketing automation. We will work based on the data.

Sometimes only one of these is digital marketing. Here, we will combine both and define “marketing activities that make full use of data using digital devices and technology” as Digital marketing agency. The necessity and importance of digital marketing are said in many places.

The marketing and web personnel themselves and the company will have the opportunity to instruct you to work on digital marketing properly. It may also be carried out from the field, such as sales.

I have also seen some sites where the sales department is the main body. Specifically, there are cases where the story spreads to MA from introducing the sales force and business card management system.

From a larger perspective, there are cases where subscription models are introduced for services and products. Mechanisms such as crowdfunding and blockchain may also be used. In the latter half of the previous section, I wrote that the subscription model was also introduced. However, most of them provide IT services, and general business companies rarely make such efforts.

In addition, the main methods of Digital marketing agency are “social media,” “content marketing,” and “Internet advertising.” It would be nice if these could be used strategically, but there are conspicuous cases implemented with methods.

Regarding social media, it is like, “I have my account, and I am obliged to update if there is a topic”. Content marketing is also often recognized as an SEO method, and there is little awareness of connecting it to nurturing and conversion or measuring the effect.

Although Internet advertising is far cheaper than TV and the results are easier to understand than paper media, I do not feel much awareness of marketing based on the data obtained there.

In some cases, TV commercials were launched in a hurry because the target was not reached. Although sales increased, it was makeshift, so the relationship with digital was not verified, and the knowledge that would lead to the next was not accumulated.

As you can see, there are various problems in the fundamental approach of digital marketing. I think of marketing as a “profitable activity,” so I think that digital marketing goals should also be set based on the number of sales and the amount of money.

However, this may not be the case for some companies; for example, the business goal is to increase the number of users of apps and cards to obtain important data.

It’s hard to agree with raising awareness, but it’s a case-by-case basis, as you can only set short-term goals.

In any case, it is good to set goals according to the company and business content. Still, some of them are “I can not measure the effect well, so I will make it a landing point that recognition has increased” “KPI setting There is also a very vague thing that says, “Because I didn’t have it, I will improve branding.”

I want to clarify the final KGI and create a KPI tree with detailed KPIs up to that point. To clarify the efforts, it is better to create a scenario (customer journey map) based on the data.

In addition to verifying KGIs and KPIs, creating personas and scenarios for that purpose is meaningless unless data is used rather than feeling.

As for the data, the demo attributes of customers and non-digital POS data and paper questionnaires will be converted into data and utilized.

Interviews with employees are not ad hoc, but let’s accumulate them as data and connect them later.

If you don’t have a mechanism to collect and store data, you should consider introducing DMP. With the introduction of DMP, digital marketing will be significantly expanded in cooperation with MA and advertising.