What Is Digital Marketing? Why Is It Essential To Hire the Best Digital Marketing agency?

In recent years, I’ve come to hear the term Digital marketing agency a lot. For those who say, “I think I understand somehow, but the difference from web marketing is not clear” or “I can’t ask you anymore, but I want to know a little more”, the outline of digital marketing and the difference from web marketing will be noticed. I will explain the actual contents, such as the reason. In addition, we will also introduce the points of strategic planning that are useful when implementing digital marketing.

Digital marketing that uses data obtained online

Digital marketing agency uses all online channels and touch points and is based on the data obtained—sometimes abbreviated as “Digima”. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for companies to create specialized departments to strengthen their response.

Marketing trends have changed with the times, and at the same time, various channels have emerged. Let’s check the flow until digital marketing attracts attention.

“Mass marketing” is the mainstream in the age of mass production and mass consumption.

In an era when there were few items on the market and information for narrowing down, options were limited, mass marketing premised on mass production, and mass consumption was the mainstream.

Mass marketing targets an unspecified number of people through media such as newspapers, television, radio, and magazines. Mass marketing is an effective method for companies that have a significant share in a specific market. 

Still, from around 1970, when the number of items in the market increased and customers became the “choice side”, from uniform mass marketing, The trend has changed to marketing based on the customer’s position and intentions.

Such marketing based on the customer’s position and orientation is called market segmentation or target marketing. In an environment where values ​​are diversified, and hobbies and tastes are diverse, marketing to each segmented customer is more effective than mass marketing.

“Web marketing” that has emerged due to the spread of the Internet

Since around 1990, when the Internet became widespread and customers could obtain information, marketing that could provide value and benefits to consumers was required.

Following this trend, web marketing has emerged, from attracting customers to the sale of products and services that lead to purchases, all online. In web marketing, it has become possible to check the effect of attracting customers for each advertisement and the number of page views, etc., and utilize it for improvement measures.

“Digital marketing” has evolved through the use of big data and AI

With the spread of smartphones and IoT devices, the amount of data that companies can acquire, such as behaviour history and usage history, has further increased. 

Using these big data and AI, a digital marketing agency that captures customer needs from all the data obtained online has become possible. Digital marketing can be said to be a marketing method that has evolved through big data and AI.

The difference between digital marketing and web marketing

Digital marketing and web marketing are often confused because the core technology is the Internet, and they have the same point of developing measures on the web.

web marketing

Web marketing revolves around the web and is a marketing method that is closed to the net world. In many cases, we will consider how to enrich the web content operated by the company and how to bring in customers, guide them, and connect them to actions such as purchasing. 

Specifically, we will implement measures centred on the web, such as SEO and listing advertisements, and enrichment of content, and use information that can be obtained on the web to analyze access, measure effects, and then improve the web. I will do it.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is marketing that uses all the data and touch points available online through a Digital marketing agency. Possible touch points and data used include web, browsers, search engines, SNS, email, mobile apps, big data, VR, word-of-mouth sites, digital signage, digital point membership information, and the location when accessing the site. 

There is information and so on. Of course, data obtained from smart devices such as smartphones is also a category of digital marketing. The existence of digital marketing agency is indispensable for connecting strongly with smartphone users. 

Digital marketing, which can comprehensively capture all online contacts with customers, builds more profound relationships than web marketing and expands the chances of acquiring devoted fans of corporate brands, products, and services. It can be said that.

Why Digital Marketing Is Focusing

What are some of the reasons why digital marketing is so popular? There are three main reasons. One of the reasons why digital marketing agency is attracting attention is the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) that caused a pandemic. 

Face-to-face communication has become significantly restricted, with restrictions on going out around the world and the recommendation of teleworking for work. The industry that was particularly hit was the business model industry, where visiting physical stores is the key, such as eating and drinking and retailing.

In these industries, the Digital marketing agency shift has progressed as we have no choice but to seek new customer contacts. Typical examples are the increase in the number of stores that accept take-out orders on the web and the rise of delivery services that make reservations and payments, such as Uber Eats and delivery halls.

Even in B2B business, the method of acquiring leads (prospects) has changed, such as increasing the number of websites instead of the actual events, exhibitions and seminars that have been held so far, and starting digital advertising, including videos. Bottom. Along with this, many companies are focusing on marketing that makes full use of digital technology.

Diversification and widespread use of devices such as smartphones and tablets

The spread of smartphones and tablets has expanded the number of users who access the Internet to a wide range of people, including adult men and women, the elderly, and children, which is another reason digital marketing is attracting attention. 

It is becoming more common for customers to use smart devices to get information, purchase services and products, seek support, and send out their messages. In addition, the ability to access the Internet anytime, anywhere has significantly changed the timing of information gathering. What is remarkable is the increase in purchasing behaviour that overlaps online and offline, such as searching for product reviews and online prices on smartphones while in the store.

In this way, as customers take actions different from the conventional ones, there are more cases where traditional marketing does not produce results. It is thought that the transition to digital marketing is progressing.

Diversification of information sources

With the diversification and widespread use of smartphones and tablets, customer information sources are also diversifying, including search engines, SNS, and web media.

Suppose you have solid coverage of the sources that your customers often access and a continuous and comprehensive approach to digital marketing. In that case, you will be able to win a solid fan base for your corporate brand, products and services.

Critical points for digital marketing strategy planning

When implementing digital marketing, it is necessary to create a mechanism by combining web measures and communication on all channels.

It is also essential to review existing measures before implementing digital marketing. If digital marketing is successful, the amount of data acquired will increase.