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Digital marketing Agency refers to all online marketing activities that utilize IT technologies such as the Internet, AI, and IoT. Sometimes abbreviated. With the spread of digitalization, the importance of Digital marketing Agency is increasing year by year. The purpose of digital marketing is to maximize sales by streamlining sales and marketing activities through various digital measures such as AI, big data, and IoT, in addition to advertising and email on the Web.

Differences from web marketing

  • Digital marketing and web marketing are often confused, but they are strictly different methods.
  • Web marketing refers to marketing activities that are specialized on the Web.
  • For example, web marketing is a measure that places advertisements to attract users to a website and encourages users who visit the website to effectively appeal.
  • On the other hand, digital marketing includes not only on the Web but also analyzing user behavior from applications equipped with AI and improving operations by utilizing machines that have introduced IoT.
  • Web marketing can be said to be one of the methods involved in digital marketing.
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Difference from inbound marketing

  • Inbound marketing is a marketing method that provides users with asset content.
  • Build relationships with your users through the content you create to drive conversions by increasing reliability and satisfaction.
  • There is also a similar term called outbound marketing. Outbound is a marketing method that appeals on the Web rather than content.
  • An easy-to-understand example is an outbound banner ad displayed on a website.
  • On the other hand, digital marketing is a category that includes all inbound and outbound.
  • Therefore, it can be said that the inbound marketing method is one of the digital marketing methods.

Background to the attention of Digital marketing agency

  • The background to the attention of digital Marketing Agency is the diversification of information sources due to the spread of digital.
  • With the spread of smartphones as well as the Internet, digital has permeated our lives. As a result, the use of the Internet has become commonplace, resulting in the diversification of information sources.
  • We are now in an era where product comparisons and purchases are completed online.
  • In addition, the digitization of companies through the promotion of DX is also a factor that has attracted attention in digital marketing.
  • Due to the influence of the Corona disaster, the number of companies that are adopting telework and web conferencing is increasing.
  • Furthermore, in the agriculture and logistics industries, an increasing number of companies are trying to improve operational efficiency by utilizing IoT, AI, and big data.

Benefits of digital marketing

There are three benefits to doing Digital Marketing Agency :

  • Real-time analysis of user behavior
  • Highly accurate lead information can be obtained
  • You can approach users through multiple channels

Effective marketing and sales activities without the use of digital are becoming difficult.

Digital marketing agency

However, by utilizing digital marketing, we can expect not only to attract customers but also to improve sales. Please understand the merits explained below and use them as a reference when actually using them.

Real-time analysis of user behavior

  • Digital marketing has the advantage of being able to analyze user behavior in real time. Compared to traditional magazine ads, it’s easy to see the benefits of being able to analyze user behavior in real time.
  • With magazine ads, it’s difficult to know how many readers have seen your ad, and you can’t see the reaction of your subscribed readers in real time.
  • In the first place, user behavior cannot be analyzed because the inflow may not be via magazines.
  • On the other hand, digital marketing can be used to create content that meets user needs because it is possible to grasp in real time the number of users who have flowed into the website and the timing of withdrawal.
  • Also, in the case of a chatbot equipped with AI, the user can grasp the content of the question when he / she feels doubts, and it can be used for customer success.

Highly accurate lead information can be obtained

  • Digital marketing can get highly accurate lead information. For example, detailed user information such as user gender, age, region, and inflow source can be acquired in real time, improving the accuracy of lead information.
  • If you can acquire highly accurate lead information, it will be easier to appeal because you can take effective measures to develop the acquired leads.
  • Therefore, if the accuracy of the lead information is high, it will be easier to connect to the purchase of the product.
  • On the other hand, if the accuracy of lead information is low, it will be difficult to predict what the user will be interested in and how to train it to make a purchase, and the efficiency from lead acquisition to purchase will be worse. ..
  • Therefore, if you make effective use of digital marketing, you will be able to obtain highly accurate lead information, which will have a significant impact on sales.
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You can approach users through multiple channels

  • A channel is a place or route to attract users. Digital marketing Agency is a marketing activity that uses various measures, so you can approach users through multiple channels.
  • For example, as a measure to attract customers to websites, we will utilize web advertising, SEO, SNS, and YouTube on the web.
  • Digital signage could also be used to attract customers at physical stores.
  • If you create a mechanism that can solve questions and issues by using AI chatbots and e-mail newsletters for users who have attracted customers in each channel, it is possible to lead to lead development and even purchase.
  • It is also a good idea to accumulate the acquired leads as big data and analyze them with AI to improve more effective measures.
  • By combining various channels and digital measures in this way, it is possible to create a flow from attracting customers to purchasing.
  • Digital marketing is a technique that refers to all marketing activities that take place online. It can be widely used in any industry because it includes not only marketing measures such as advertisements and SNS that are carried out only on the Web, but also AI, IoT, VR and digital signage.
  • However, it is too broad, so when planning a digital marketing strategy, be sure to clarify the purpose and KPI, analyze the market, competitors, and customers, and incorporate it into concrete measures.