What is email marketing? advantages and disadvantages

  • Email marketing is a marketing method that uses email to approach users.
  • E-mail newsletter delivery is a type of email marketing.
  • Before there was no practical tool for email marketing, unilateral delivery by mass email was the mainstream method.
  • In other words, emails with the same content were delivered to users all at once at the same timing.
  • However, for the past few years, it has become important to deliver content tailored to each individual’s target at the best timing for each.
  • For example, you may receive a congratulatory email from a company on your birthday, which is one of the typical email marketing with content and timing optimized for registered members.

Three Benefits of Email Marketing

The benefits of email marketing are:

email marketing

There is a cost advantage

  • One of the reasons why we want to actively introduce email marketing is that we can keep costs low compared to other marketing strategies .
  • If you send a letter or DM by mail, you will have to pay for printing and mailing, but email will reduce those costs at once.
  • Therefore, the merit is that you can easily carry out marketing without considering the cost too much.

Information distribution tailored to each user is possible

  • One of the email marketing methods is “target marketing,” which targets a specific group in advance and takes an approach.
  • By distributing information that suits the tastes and tastes of the segment group, users will feel that it is a special thing sent only to them, and the marketing effect will be high.

You can easily verify the effect such as opening rate.

  • Depending on the mail delivery system , you can also know the open rate of how many mails the user has opened.
  • Email marketing is a great way to get the information you need for your future marketing strategy.

Disadvantages of operating email marketing

The disadvantages of email marketing are as follows.

Burden of regular content idea generation

  • Email marketing also has its disadvantages.
  • Since we need to create content on a regular basis, we must always plan and come up with ideas.
  • If the content is thin, users will not be able to read it or emails will be unsubscribed, so you must always create attractive content.

Load to operate while grasping user trends

  • The higher the accuracy of email marketing, the more effort it takes to operate it.
  • Keep in mind that it is not something that can be done with one hand, because you have to understand the user’s hobbies and trends and respond to various changes.

Types of effective email marketing

Email marketing can be divided into several types.

Step mail

  • The content of step mail changes with each delivery, which has the effect of attracting more user interest.
  • The first is a thank-you email, the second is a coupon email, and the third is a special coupon email. This is a method of adjusting the delivery timing and changing the delivery content to connect to repeats .
  • Since the content of the email is continuous like a serialized magazine, if you read even one email, you may be interested in the emails before and after that.

Targeting email

  • Targeting emails are aimed at subdividing user information, delivering emails that match the attributes, and increasing the action rate such as opening and clicking.
  • As mentioned earlier, targeting emails are distribution lists that are divided according to attributes, such as those for people in their 30s and women.
  • It is efficient to use the mail delivery system because it takes a lot of time and effort to do it manually.

What are the issues that can be solved by email marketing?

By implementing email marketing, it is possible to solve the following issues.

Increase customer engagement

  • “Customer engagement” refers to the credibility and relationships that have been built between users and the companies that provide the products and services.
  • By making users think, “I like this company, I can trust it,” the number of good reviews and reviews will increase, leading to an increase in sales.
  • “E-mail newsletter” is effective for increasing “customer engagement”.
  • Let’s deliver new information, campaign information, event information, services, brand concepts and policies, etc. so that users will become fans and become attached.
  • However, even if you think “this company is good”, you cannot say that you are a fan of it only once.
  • In order to increase “customer engagement”, it is necessary to continue distribution over the medium to long term .

Connect to repeat

  • I think many people are thinking about ways to increase sales efficiently with limited resources and costs.
  • In that case, it is effective to have the user who purchased it once repeat it.
  • Acquiring new users can be laborious and costly, but generally the hurdles are lower if users who have purchased the product once purchase it again.
  • It will also lead to the improvement of “customer engagement” mentioned above, but in order to get repeat, it is necessary to have confidence in the company and service, and to remind the company when the need arises again. Is important .
  • By delivering emails on a regular basis and staying connected with users, you can create a mechanism that will lead to repurchases.

Prevent user cancellation

  • Even if you sign a service contract, it is not easy for users to continue using it for a long time.
  • No matter how good the service is, users who are not good at using the service may find it attractive to competing services and cancel the service.
  • While some companies have time-consuming follow-ups to all users by sales reps and customer successes, many small businesses are unable to devote that much resources to user follow-up.
  • Therefore, “step mail” is effective.
  • Efficiently follow users by delivering questionnaire emails such as “Is there a problem with usability?” And “Is there any problem with using it?” One month or three months after starting to use it. You can do it .
  • In addition, you may regularly distribute information such as how to make good use of the service through “e-mail newsletter”.

Persona settings in email marketing

  • The reason for setting personas in email marketing is to understand the thoughts and behaviors of users and deliver more effective emails.
  • Email marketing is more effective for emails that match the user’s interests and circumstances than emails that are delivered all at once and do not know who they are addressed to.
  • The user who receives the e-mail considers “what kind of person, how to think, act, and when to take action to achieve KGI”, and by using the set persona, which It’s easy to imagine if an email with such content would resonate with the user.
  • Furthermore, not only the content, but also the style and design of the email, delivery frequency, delivery time, etc. may change depending on the persona set.
  • The persona setting is also important as a trigger to review the email you are delivering.