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Email Marketing Company In Mumbai explain in detail the particularly noteworthy industry trends. It helps you develop effective email marketing strategies.

Email marketing is over.” It’s a word that has been repeated many times over the past ten years, but it’s far from reality. While many marketers are eager to believe the word and draw their audience’s attention, the overwhelming majority of email marketers have increased their engagement with Email over the last 12 months. I answered that.

Consumers still prefer communication of the brand by Email, not only, E has email marketing is the ROI soaring, in recent survey earnings of 42 US dollars for investments $ 1 is obtained I am.

Many wise marketers find that email momentum isn’t going to slow down quickly and actively invest in measures that will yield this result. According to a Email Marketing Company In Mumbai survey, 49.5% of marketers planned to increase their email marketing budget in 2019. It’s no wonder that companies lag behind the competition, at least not doing the same thing as their competitors.

So what exactly should we focus on? Three initiatives cannot be missed: “cooperation,” “segmentation,” and “experiment.”

Collaboration: Eliminate email marketing silos

With the right tools, no channel is as easy to measure as email marketing. Of course, you can measure the overall performance of your campaigns, such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Still, by using your email address as a unique identifier, you can see the behaviour and preferences of email subscribers. You can also know. In addition, email subscribers are those who voluntarily choose to receive information from you. You can think of it as looking forward to brand, product, and promotional information. 

Analytical information about email subscribers and campaign performance is an irreplaceable and valuable source for businesses, and sharing this information with your organization can’t optimize your overall marketing efforts. Not. However, too often, these findings are only used within the email marketing team. While 73% of marketers consider Email to be critical to a company’s success, as many as one-third say Email isn’t tied to their other marketing programs. .. This is just a waste of opportunity.

Email marketing contains a wealth of helpful information for other marketing channels. For example, if you have an email subject with a very high open rate, you might get better results by using similar wording for paid advertising campaigns. Alternatively, newsletter articles with a higher CTR than other content can significantly help content teams plan for future content. Eliminate the monopoly of email marketing on some sections and share your insights with other teams to build collaboration. For example, we recommend that you make the following efforts a habit.

  1. Make your email campaign report dashboard accessible to everyone. Make it easy for everyone to see what’s catching your audience and what’s not.
  2. When creating a results report for an email campaign, consider what other teams might be interested in and highlight that information. If you don’t know how to do it, it’s a good practice to start by reviewing your email performance over the past year. Use the report template created by Email Marketing Company In Mumbai.

It is also effective to bring together leaders from various marketing channels and hold a monthly liaison meeting. There, you can share essential insights from email marketing and get inspiration from reports from other media for future email campaigns.

 Email segmentation and personalization can transform a universal message into a well-targeted marketing/sales tool. The easiest way to do this is to include the person’s name in the Email, but that’s not enough. Email delivery Ask registrants their preferences and use customer behaviour and analysis information (location information, purchase history, customer status, data obtained from third parties, etc.) to customize the content of the Email as much as possible. Let’s do it. For example, Airbnb’s Email, which operates a private lodging business, is an excellent example of providing valuable information to users while personalizing Email using travel information such as travel dates and destinations. According to a HubSpot study, message personalization is the marketing strategy most commonly used by marketers.

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Experiment: Always try new things and repeat experiments

There is a misconception that email marketing channels haven’t changed much for a long time, but in reality, they are constantly evolving and are still changing. Best practices change from time to time due to changes in email subscriber preferences, policy changes, and email software product upgrades. Marketers must adapt to these changes for their email programs to be successful. 

Responding to new trends in Email and experimenting with new techniques can be time-consuming and labour intensive. Conversely, this also means that you have a chance to make your Email stand out in the messages that are crowded in your inbox. Here are three key trends that email marketers can’t ignore. 

  • Interactive Email is becoming more and more popular, and I think it’s easy to understand why. Interactive Email is a message that provides a rich user experience directly in your inbox. It is easier to get the other party’s attention than the conventional static message, and it is characterized by many things that you can enjoy. Twenty-three per cent of brands said they were already experimenting with the interactive elements in their emails, and another 32% said they would be testing soon. Adding a tiny interactive element, such as a hover effect (visual effect when hovering over the mouse), can be very effective and make your content even more attractive.
  • Dark mode reverses the standard online tones and brightness tones. Dark mode displays dark text on a light background, while dark mode displays text, UI elements, and icons in light on a black-based background.
  • AMP for Email (Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project) is a new markup specification that allows you to add new features to messages in your inbox by adding them to traditional HTML emails. Have you ever received an email notification when someone commented on your Google Docs? By replying to comments directly from within Gmail, you can give feedback without leaving your inbox. That is the effect of AMP for Email.

If you’re not sure if your audience will like your new attempt, don’t forget A / B testing. There is no better way than testing and experimenting to gather information quickly and make constant improvements. For brands actively engaged in A / B testing and email experimentation, their efforts have proven successful. According to the Email Marketing Company In Mumbai survey, companies that do A / B testing on all emails have a 37% higher ROI on email marketing than brands that do not do A / B testing at all. I am. If you’re thinking of trying multiple options, such as email subject or design, A / B testing will help you identify the most effective option. Always test only one item at a time in an A / B test. Also, be sure to assign a sufficient number of email subscribers to your test group for statistically significant results.

Check out the latest trends in Email.

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