What is email marketing? How email marketing in Mumbai works!

Email marketing in Mumbai” is one of the marketing measures to communicate with customers through email delivery and facilitate sales activities. SNS has become the mainstream of communication tools in recent years, but old-fashioned “email” still has many users. It is regarded as an effective marketing method, especially in the B2 to B2 industry.

Let’s look at why email is effective for marketing, the benefits and why it is vital in BtoB business. At the same time, we will also introduce how to implement email marketing and measures to make it more effective.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing in Mumbai” is a marketing method that facilitates smooth and effective sales activities by communicating with prospective customers through email delivery.

We will increase purchasing motivation by delivering an email to the address obtained by exchanging business cards and approaching it or by incorporating materials related to the product in the content of the email to prospective customers who made inquiries or requested materials from our site. 

Difference from email newsletter (email magazine)

Some may be wondering, “What is the difference between email marketing and email newsletter delivery?” “Email marketing in Mumbai” is “one of the marketing measures”. We use various methods to provide content to the correct prospects, motivate them to buy, connect to sales at the right time, and make it easier to achieve results.

On the other hand, “email magazine”, which is distributed under the name of “email magazine”, is a type of “email marketing” introduced by a method of simultaneously distributing corporate information and industry trends. Since emails with the same content are delivered to potential customers simultaneously, it is difficult to respond to each individual. Still, it is suitable for providing new product release information and notifications of company site updates that you want to convey to the whole.

4 Benefits of Email marketing in Mumbai

Now let’s take a look at the benefits of starting email marketing.

1. Start at a low cost

The most significant merit of email marketing is that it can be operated at a low cost. The cost required to start email marketing is introducing an email delivery tool and a tool for measuring effectiveness and the labour cost of the person in charge of operating email marketing. If you devise it, you can start from a few thousand yen.

On the other hand, direct mail delivered using paper costs postcards, printing, and shipping costs. Email marketing is easier to get started than using paper.

2. Easy to get started

It’s unlikely that companies aren’t using email in recent years. Therefore, email marketing can be started immediately by utilizing the address list of prospective customers that the company has.

It is also an advantage that anyone can easily create the email content to be delivered to prospective customers because it is easy to get the effect just by reusing the content used on the company’s website or providing a casebook. Is. It can be operated easily without any special skills or knowledge.

3. You can approach customers without going around

It is also an advantage that the sales staff can deliver emails from within the company and appeal to many customers without going around.

Considering the travel time in the case of outside sales, it would be best to go around 4 to 5 companies on average in a day. On the other hand, if you use email, you can approach all the email addresses you have at once to close thousands of companies all at once.

For example, you can pick up several potential customers in a similar situation and send them together with the latest status inquiry email.

4. Easy to measure the effect

Although the face cannot be seen directly, it is also an advantage that it is easy to measure the effect after mail delivery. If you introduce a tool that can verify the product, you can check the open rate and click rate and see how many prospective customers were interested in the content of the email. In other words, it is easy to grasp the needs of prospective customers from email delivery.

Also, even if you do not get the expected results after delivery, it will be easier to see “where to improve” by continuing to deliver the email. For example, let’s take the case where the delivered email is not read very often.

Why email marketing is so crucial in BtoB

As I mentioned at the beginning, email marketing is beneficial in the BtoB business. Let’s see why.

Email is still a “familiar tool.”

“Survey on information and communication media usage time and information behaviour” in the first year of ReiwaAccording to the report, SNS has become the mainstream communication tool in recent years. However, the results show that the email usage rate is still higher among working generations in their 30s and above. Business chat and internal SNS are widespread for internal communication in business, but email is still the mainstream for contact with people outside the company.

In other words, even though email is a familiar tool for both daily life and work, we use email for marketing because we can have more contact with potential customers than SNS, which has not yet become the mainstream of communication tools. It can be said to be valid.

Because I can communicate with many customers regularly

BtoB companies that involve multiple job titles/departments in purchasing decisions generally have a longer time from consideration to buy than BtoC companies. In most cases, it starts with product comparison. The decision-making authority is passed to the upper management through negotiations by the person in charge. A contract is created and concluded, and in some cases, it may take years.

By continuing to follow up regularly by email etc., during this long period and providing helpful information according to the examination situation, we will have you proceed with the introduction examination.

However, there are limits to how sales reps can stay in direct communication with all potential customers during the lengthy purchasing process. If there is an omission, the prospective customers you have acquired may be leaked to other companies. By conducting email marketing, it is possible to encourage customers to remember their existence without communicating with each sales representative individually.

Also, if you can continue to provide helpful information to your customers through email, it is not uncommon for prospective customers to take action. Compared to out-of-the-box sales and telephone approaches, email marketing is also helpful for BtoB companies because it requires fewer resources and allows you to follow many potential customers regularly.

In addition, through email marketing, it is possible to extract prospective customers who are highly motivated to purchase.

By phone or direct outing, you approach without knowing how interested your prospective customers are. Therefore, even if you come it indiscriminately, you are less likely to meet the most recent prospective customer you are considering.

On the other hand, by conducting email marketing, many prospective customers will come to visit our site by email or make inquiries or request materials again. Prospects who voluntarily take some activities are considered to have a higher degree of consideration, making it easier to lead to the latest business negotiations.

5 Common Techniques in Email Marketing

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The following five methods are commonly used in email marketing.

1. 1. Email newsletter

“Email newsletter” is an “email newsletter”, which is an email delivered by many companies to appeal to them. Since information can be distributed “all at once” based on the distribution list, it can inform many prospective customers of new products and campaigns.

Please refer to the following for an example of the contents of the email newsletter suitable for BtoB business.

2.Step mail

Step mail is simply a “step-by-step” email. Starting from the action taken by the prospective customer, the email will be delivered in several stages and gradually appealed. Let’s take a look at the delivery of step mail, taking the case where a prospective customer requests materials.

If you receive an email and a prospective customer attends the conference, we will send you a “free trial” announcement within a week of the meeting. If you connect them to use your products, you will be more motivated to buy. Step mail gradually shortens the distance to potential customers by delivering mail step by step.

3. Segment mail

A segmented email is an email that “delivers by narrowing down the delivery target”. We will deliver unique content according to the degree of interest of prospective customers. Let’s take a look at the flow of segment mail delivery, taking the case of delivering a new product information email newsletter.

Even if you give a “free trial” to segment A, which you may not be very interested in the new product, it will not be very responsive. On the other hand, if you distribute rough information about new products to C, which is more motivated to buy, you may not be able to increase your interest level, and it may be disseminated to other companies. It’s essential to understand the needs of your prospects and send them the correct email.

4. Retargeting email

Retargeting emails are “delivered to boost” potential customers who have taken action on your company. To deliver to prospective customers who have moved voluntarily, we will provide content to make you more motivated to purchase.

The following are examples of retargeting emails delivered by BtoB business.

5. Sleeping customer discovery email

The dormant customer discovery email is an email that is “delivered to re-appeal and ask for the latest situation” to prospective customers who have once reached the point where a business negotiation is likely to be concluded but have withdrawn for some reason.

Since I was involved in the past = a customer who was not a little interested in my company, there is a possibility that I will come back again if I distribute helpful information. We will re-approach to increase purchasing motivation by providing unique data and white papers that cannot be found on our website or once sent materials and guidance for individual consultations.

However, dormant customers must consider the delivery frequency, considering that they have “left once”. Even if you send a monthly status inquiry email to inactive customers, the situation will not change much every month, so it is recommended that you sometimes leave, such as “contact us every six months after the final negotiation.”.