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Email Marketing, Why and How to Perform Email marketing?

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E-mail Marketing is a process which occurs in many ways, such as through social media, or an online website, or a blog. But it can also be done through e-mail. When we send email to customers to promote a product or service, it is called e-mail marketing.

How can to do E-mail Marketing? Which is a very easy task, but for this, you have to have the complete and correct information. Rather then SMM & SEO E-mail marketing also plays a significant role in digital marketing.

Spy Digital Media is a team of experienced digital marketers which not only provides services of email-marketing but also provides services such as website designing, SEO, PPC [PAY PER CLICK], SMM, Content Marketing and Mobile app development services etc.

How Spy Digital Media Email Marketing Services will Help You ?

Our Email marketing agency helps you to create a Gmail account, it is also necessary to have Bulk Mail List, on which we will promote your products through Mail.

To perform E-mail Marketing, first of all, it is very important to have an E-mail Marketing Software and Tool, through which you will be able to send Bulk Mail to all the people at the same time. There are many such tools available in the market, such as MailChimp, Aweber, Sendinblue etc.

You have to create an account on one of the tools to send Bulk Mail and add your Bulk E-mail List. There are many tools available that provide you Free Trail for 1 month such as MailChimp.

Why Email Marketing is Essential?

E-mail Marketing is essential because one can send email to customers to promote their product or service, Email marketing services is quite easy and budget-friendly advertising strategy.
All you have to do is to make your Mail Customize and Attractive so that one can fall for your product by seeing it. All types of features, templates are provided by Email Marketing company, with the help of which you can practice Video, Images, Text etc. in your Mail.
Furthermore, how many people have seen your mail and how many people have clicked on the link given by you, you can see all this information in your campaign. You can also re-targeting according to the performance of your Mail-in future.

Spy Digital Media Helps You to Create your Email Marketing strategy

• We help you to buy email in bulk from web services like CampaignMonitor, Godaddy.
• After that, You can request email id of others on your blog. Whenever they enter your blog, they will see a prompt box in which they can fill their email address so that they will get regular updates from us.
• You can get email addresses of other people from social media. You can request people with similar interest from Facebook, Twitter, telegram etc. that they keep getting emails from you.

Spy Digital Media Email Marketing Other Services

Take a look at different types of Email services
• Welcome emails
• “You’ve left something behind!” emails
• Promotional emails
• “We haven’t seen you in a while!” emails
• Weekly or monthly newsletters

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Email marketing services from our agency allow you to boost your sales cycle. The aim of email marketing is to move your potential audience further in the conversion or sales funnel.

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