Explain the advantages and setting method of price display option (Google ads)

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A price display option is an ad display option that allows you to display the “price of a product or service” under a text ad. Briefly, by setting the price display option, you can significantly appeal that “This product (service) is offered at this price.”

Benefits of pricing options

There are five advantages to using the price display option.

Can introduce products and services in a big way

Introduce your products and services in a more prominent format than regular text ads.

You can increase the clicks of highly motivated users

  • By displaying the product or service along with the price, you can increase the number of clicks by users who think, “If this product is at this price, you can buy it.”
  • You can also reduce the number of clicks by users who leave after seeing the price of a product or service on the page you clicked on.
  • You can shorten the route to conversion (purchase or registration)
  • Users who click or tap an item in the price menu can directly view the page for that item on the site.
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Easy to update

It takes time to create a new text ad or edit an existing ad every time the update work occurs due to a product replacement or service menu change.

Updating pricing options is easier than updating ads.

Flexible customization

You can specify to display only on specific dates, days of the week, and time zones.

Price display option specifications

The price display option items and trafficking rules are as follows.

Addition destination

You can choose from the following three.

  • account
  • campaign
  • Ad group
  • type

Select one from the following nine types

  • brand
  • event
  • area
  • Surrounding area
  • Product category
  • Product valuation
  • Service category
  • Service grade
  • service

Price type

You can choose from the following four.

  • No type
  • Minimum
  • Best
  • average

Last page URL

Link destination of the same domain as the domain of the last page URL of the text ad body

How to charge for pricing options

  • The cost of the price display option is incurred when you click or tap a product item in the price menu to move to the product page.
  • There is no cost for tapping to deploy products on your smartphone. A single display costs you only up to the second click. No cost will be incurred for the third time.
  • There is no cost to add ad display options to your campaign, but you will incur normal costs if your ad (including ad display options) is clicked. There is no charge for clicking the seller rating display option. 
  • If you receive a phone inquiry from the phone number display option or the app is downloaded from the app link display option, you will be charged for the click. You can count up to two clicks per ad display, and you won’t incur additional charges beyond that.

How to set price display options


When setting pricing options, be aware of their relevance to your keywords.

  • Google officially advises as follows.
  • When setting pricing options, it’s important to think about what information your ad viewers are looking for. If the keywords are specific, then the pricing options should be just as specific.
  • For example, if you’re targeting users who search for “luxury sheets,” let’s also show the type and price of luxury sheets in the pricing options.
  • Showing information about towels and rugs to users looking for sheets is not easy to get them interested.

NG matters

  • Standard Google Ads policies and the following requirements apply:
  • The following cases will be disapproved, so please check before setting.
  • Include pricing information in the header or description
  • Include promotional text in header or description
  • The setting of a link destination whose domain is different from the normal link destination
  • Heading/description settings that do not match the selected type
  • Go to ” Price Display Option Requirements-Google Advertising Policy Help for more information.”
  • Price display options are easy to set. By displaying the prices of products and services in a large size, you can expect an improvement in conversion (purchase or registration), so please set it.