What are the advantages of Mobile App Development Services?

Even if you’re interested in app development, many people don’t know how to get started. Especially if you are a beginner in application development, it may be possible to work smoothly if you have a clear understanding of what to start with and which platform is efficient for Mobile App Development Services.

Therefore, this time, we will take up the advantages and disadvantages of Mobile App Development Services and explain the tips for success.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Mobile App Development Services

There are advantages and disadvantages in Mobile App Development Services. First, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of developing an application.

Benefits of Mobile App Development Services

The purpose of Mobile App Development Services is different for each person, but there are multiple benefits to developing an app. Here, we will introduce three typical merits of application development.

・ Income increases

Some of the people who develop apps are working for a side business. For those who work for a company, salaries rarely increase dramatically. Therefore, the reality is that many people are thinking of earning additional income.

If you develop an app and sell it for a fee, you will earn as much as you sell. Specifically, about 70% of the selling price is income in many stores, and the remaining 30% is treated as a commission.

Another option is to place an ad within the app. This is a very simple way to earn advertising revenue by allowing users to click on ads in your app.

There are multiple ways to earn money with the app, so choose the one that suits your needs and take on the challenge.

・ You can improve your skills

Experience in app development can be expected to improve a wide range of skills. When developing an application from scratch, all knowledge and skills such as planning ability, infrastructure-related knowledge, design skill, marketing skill, etc., are required.

Programming skills are indispensable for engineers, but it is also possible to improve the quality of programming itself by understanding the process before programming and the process to be performed after programming.

For example, if you have an image of the operation phase, you can program with the operation in mind.

・ It leads to an understanding of user behaviour

Consider what kind of design should be used to develop the application and make it more comfortable to use, what kind of user experience should be given, and what should be done to increase user engagement is needed in Mobile App Development Services.

By gaining such experience through application development, it is possible to deepen the understanding of user behaviour.

Disadvantages of application development

There are many benefits to developing an app. However, on the other hand, there are also disadvantages to application development. From here, let’s look at two points about the disadvantages of developing apps.

・ In many cases, you cannot earn as much as you expected.

App development will take some time. In addition, when it comes to developing apps as a side business, various skills are required to complete it.

Therefore, if you aim to earn extra income, you may conclude that you cannot earn as much as you expected when considering the working hours.

When I develop an app as a side job, I spend about 1 to 2 weeks working on even simple ones. Even if you take the time to develop it, you may not have any paid sales/advertising revenue, so you need to understand this point.

・ Sometimes it does not pass the examination

To develop an app and publish it on an app store, it is essential to pass the screening. No matter how long it takes to create an app, it is impossible to generate income without passing the screening.

What app development beginners should do

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When developing an app in Mobile App Development Services, you need to decide which platform to develop on. However, the development language required depends on the platform you choose. From here, let’s look at typical development languages.

Development language required for iOS

When developing iOS apps, you will be using Swift and Objective-C development languages, so let’s understand the characteristics of each.

・ Swift

Swift is a programming language developed by Apple Inc. Although this language was relatively new in 2014, it was created to develop iOS apps and is positioned as a basic development language.

In addition, Swift is fast and stable and is also recognized for compatibility with Objective-C, which will be introduced next.

In addition, Swift has the feature of gradually incorporating the good points of other programming languages ​​such as Objective-C and Java, so even beginners can say that it is relatively easy to use.

・ Objective-C

Objective-C was developed based on the major C language. Before Swift, iOS apps were made in Objective-C. Therefore, it is still possible to develop apps with excellent performance using Objective-C.

However, compared to other programming languages, Objective-C has a unique grammar, so it is a fact that many people find it “difficult to understand” and “difficult to handle.”

Development language required for Android

Choose Java or Kotlin language when developing Android apps.

・ Java

Java, which is used worldwide, is characterized by its high processing speed. In addition, Java works in any environment, so it is a programming language that can be used for application development and web development and system development.

There is a problem that it is difficult for beginners with little programming skills to learn Java suddenly, but it is a popular language widely used in actual development sites, so be sure to learn it.

・ Kotlin

Introduced in 2011, Kotlin has been used as an Mobile App Development Services language since 2017. Compared to Java, Kotlin has the advantage of being able to write code more concisely.

In addition, Kotlin is compatible with Java, so it’s easy to replace what you developed in Java with Kotlin code and make improvements. Kotlin’s code is simple, so if you find Java difficult, start by learning from Kotlin.

App development for both iOS / Android

It is also possible to develop apps using a programming language that works, whether iOS or Android. This is a technique called “cross-platform”. Here, we will introduce the development environment and the language used.

・ Unity: C #

Unity is often used when developing games, and even people who are not confident in their programming skills can develop simple game apps. In the case of Unity, you can use C # to create native apps that you can enjoy on your smartphone or tablet.

・ Flutter: Dart

A flutter is a tool developed by Google. When developing an application with Flutter, write it using an object-oriented programming language called Dart.

If you want to develop an app that sticks to design without sacrificing quality, let’s work with Flutter.

・ Appcelerator: JavaScript

Appcelerator has announced “Appcelerator Platform” as a mobile application development tool for enterprises. By working using the JavaScript programming language, you can develop native apps that support iOS and Android and Windows