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Mobile application is a process of building software for android devices and other wireless devices. If you observe you will notice that there are so many types of applications for different types of purposes. For eg – health application is built to measure health status or to advice good health care things, to check diabetes, to check blood pressure, to check protein intake, etc. It comes with so many different advantages as well. It is meant for the purpose which is described by the user. It facilitates user with a number of advantages.

Types of mobile application development services

Native Application – These apps are more costly than others as these apps are build using an Integrated development environment (IDE) which makes it pre costly than others. The native app added more necessary features into applications which is another reason of its cost.

Hybrid Application – These apps can be built by using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS etc. They are effective in cost but not having more features as required. Hybrid Apps are easy to build and maintain by developers.

Progressive application – Have you ever heard about Facebook reacted? Yes react is an effective Library of building applications with a user-friendly interface. PWA (progressive website application) is a website that acts like an application but actually, it’s a website. These are built with react scripts and are easy to build.

Encapsulated applications – It runs with a container application that runs with a package of software and its dependency. Microsoft power application is a tool that drags and drop application tool. Basically, it’s used by less experienced developers who used this for building applications with complete transparency.

Framework with libraries – Libraries can be used by developers to reuse the code and accelerate the development process of mobile applications.

Cost of development of application – cost may vary as per the application to application it may be millions of dollars also. Its cost depends on its use and its type of application also. We tried to break the cost into smaller parts for better understanding – 

No code Application – Application doesn’t need coding always of it’s a basic application it can be built by using basic codes which is already available on various websites like Good Barber,, Shoutem, Appy Pie and Build Fire etc. Without having any knowledge of codings like Swift and other languages one can build an application rapidly. 

Mobile application optimization – One can build applications on their own and also can use the pre-written codes which may be cost around as per the coders.

Complex application – It’s difficult to build as it can be 3D or sophisticated design based on artificial intelligence, Gaming applications which has different phases and difficult to code. These types of applications can be built by native applications. It is more costly than any other as its cost depends on the scarcity of coders.

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Process of mobile application development – 

Build a strategy – Think before building it that for what purposes it’s going to use and what kind of problem your application will solve? What is the strategy for your application? 

Understand the need of user and build the application accordingly. The application should satisfy the market need also what user want should get from the market so it can fulfill the needs of users also.

Begin the development – Once the application designer is being decided by the team start your development process also. Use cloud services, although you can work with open source tools, you should frequently work with team, test the coding development etc.

Testing of application – Once the application is build start you’re testing to make sure that the application is working properly or not. As it works properly the team deploys it at their desired location and runs the application. 

Conclusion – Build your app with trusted application builders which will support you after the completion of your Application.