What is PPC Advertising? PPC services in Mumbai

PPC services in Mumbai is a translation of Pay Per Click, which means pay-per-click advertising. It is a web advertisement with a mechanism that charges a fee each time it is clicked. Most of the operational advertisements in India are PPC advertisements. 

Still, there are several types as shown [Search-linked advertisements (from now on, listing advertisements)] [Display-type advertisements] [Content-linked advertisements] There are type advertisements, [audience targeting advertisements], and [retargeting type advertisements].

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What is PPC (Listing / Search Linked) Advertising?

Listing ads appear in search results when users use search engines such as Google and Yahoo !. You’ll see some at the top and bottom of the search results, as shown in the image below. In the case of listing ads, the feature is that <ad> is displayed before the title. 

We will take measures by operating Google ads and Yahoo promotion ads for listing ads, and we will take SEO measures for regular search results under the ads, aiming for higher display. It is an operational web advertisement that charges an advertisement fee for each click (PPC advertisement).

Differences between PPC (listing) ads and display ads 

Display advertisements include banner advertisements and GDN / YDN.

GDN is a display advertisement that can be placed from Google, and YDN is a display advertisement identified from Yahoo.

What is keyword selection?

As a first step to start listing ads, you need to select keywords. Advertisers clarify who they want their ads to see and choose and set keywords they are likely to search for. At that time, if the number of searches for the set keyword is small, the chances of the advertisement being displayed may be too small in the first place, so use the search number survey tool to find out the number of searches for the keyword you want to set, and the number of searches is highly relevant. (On the other hand, there are reactionary factors such as high competitiveness, so it is better to finalize the business size according to the KPI).

What is a bid?

“Bids” are usually heard at auctions. Still, unlike the usual definition, bids for listing ads are different from the standard definition, and when a user clicks an ad, it is decided how much the ad fee should be paid per click. 

To display advertisements with PPC services, it is necessary to bid at the maximum bid price (1 INR or more), and the more searches and competitors there are, the higher the total bid price tends to be. In addition, recently, the number of advertisements by PPC services in Mumbai by the system of each advertising platform (a mechanism that sets the number of conversions, target acquisition unit price, etc., and automatically determines and distributes the bid unit price toward the set KPI) is increasing, and the upper limit. 

There is an increasing number of cases where you do not have to decide on a bid. The cost will be explained in detail later in “About the cost of listing ads”. When the bidding is completed, “Advertisement (title/description) and URL settings” will be performed, and the advertisement will be submitted.