What is the number of indexes? Check the increase/decrease in the number of indexes of competing sites´┐╝

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Are you well benchmarking and checking competing sites? One of the things that are often overlooked when it comes to SEO measures is understanding the situation of competing sites. It’s common for competing sites to rank high while being distracted by changes in the ranking of your site. The slower you notice, the worse your inflow performance can be.

Gyro-n SEO, an in-house SEO tool, not only has the ability to check the ranking comparison with competing sites but also has the ability to monitor the number of indexes of competing sites. The number of indexes is the total number of pages that the search engine crawls to the website and registers (indexes) the contents in the search engine database.

For Google, a crawler called Googlebot crawls your website and indexes your pages into a database. In order to be displayed in the search results, indexing by the crawler is always required.

In the past, sites with more indexes were considered to be more or more SEO-friendly, but now simply no matter how many pages you have, it doesn’t affect SEO.

If all the pages are thin, it can even have a negative effect.

Today’s SEO is highly valued for its highly specialized content with well-defined topics and content that is convenient for users.

By indexing many high-quality pages like this, the evaluation of the entire site will increase, and as a result, you can expect an increase in SEO ranking. The number of indexes on your site is displayed in the “Index Status” of the Google Search Console, so it is easy for the site administrator to know. You can check the index count of competing sites with “site: Search,” but you cannot check the transition of the index count.

Gyro-n SEO acquires and stores the index number of each competing site every day so that you can check the transition of the index number of this competing site.

The current SEO measures must raise the evaluation of the entire website and raise the ranking by firmly creating high-quality content.

Competing sites with a steadily increasing number of indexes are likely to be taking such measures.

In benchmarking competition, monitoring changes in the number of indexes and their ranking changes is a clue to know at what pace it is effective to create and add content.

Contents that can be read from the transition of the number of indexes

If there is an increase/decrease/fluctuation in the number of indexes, including your own site, check the cause.

When the number of indexes is increasing steadily

As I mentioned earlier, it is thought that the SEO rating is being raised by steadily increasing the content.

When the number of indexes is decreasing

In this case, there are various possible factors. It can be intentional on the part of the competing site, or it can be a negative cause.

  • As a result of deleting past pages and unnecessary content by itself, it is also deleted from the index.
  • Low-quality pages are processed by index, robot.txt, etc. and intentionally deleted from the index.
  • The page has been removed from the index due to some penalty from Google.

By monitoring the number of indexes in this way, you can read the SEO countermeasure status of competing sites. I hope you will find it useful as a countermeasure against the competition.