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What is overseas SEO? Explain from basic knowledge to countermeasures!

 Digital market is a vast subject of learning as there are so many things to do. Digital marketing cover SEO, SMM, SMO, PPC etc. We will cover SEO here – as the word SEO means Search Engine Optimization which is opted by most of the companies to grow organically. As with the help of SEO companies try to improve the Google ranking which automatically increases Brand Awareness. In SEO you need not to pay for advertisement or for good Ranking, the SEO team will work on it and make your website available for your Audiences and improve your Google ranking.

On – Page SEO – When one will improve ranking with the use of Content, with good Keywords, well-written and short n sweet meta title and meta description. Good quality of content matters because it affects the overall performance of the website.

Off – Page SEO – creating more backlinks, share content to increase the content reach, post content on different platforms etc. Try to increase brand reach all this comes under OFF page SEO.

Strategies for Black Hat – Duplicate Writing – It confuses Google while ranking. How? See, when your website and another website will post same content with same keywords what will happen when a person search for something related to your website. Google search with help of crawlers and found two websites including yours too which are having same content. Google will not decide clearly whom to rank first and second. Simply, what will Google do is – rank both the websites with same content lower. This will affect your SEO performance apart from which your customers will also lose their confidence in your website.

Moreover, people also think that due to duplicate content Google will penalize them but there is nothing like that – Duplicate content will only affect your Ranking and your brand image too.

Keyword stuffing – It’s a bad strategy too stuff to many keywords in one content what will happen – that people found your content bulky, not specified, not so worthy. This black hat strategy was in use when people fill their content with lot of keywords as they don’t found the right keyword for right place.

False linking – Buying packages who are offering a lot of links in short time span will making you fool. No doubt, that they will bring an audience to your page but what if that audience is not related or interested into your work. Then all your work will go in vain although you spent money for links also wasted. So, choose wisely don’t run behind fake links just to increase audience it’s better to know the fact that the audience you will get on temporary basis.