Explain the merit of the implementation procedure with Seo marketing in Mumbai!

“SEO”, a method for collecting access from search engines, is widespread, but one of the essential methods is “Content SEO”. “Content SEO” with Seo marketing in Mumbai optimizes search ranking by continuously delivering high-quality content. 

It has great merits such as long-term / stable customer attraction if it can be used well and is currently various. It is attracting attention and being introduced in companies.

This article will introduce in detail the advantages and disadvantages of “content SEO”, implementation procedures, differences from content marketing, and so on.

What is Content SEO?

Content SEO with Seo marketing in Mumbai is one of the SEOs that optimize search ranking by continuously transmitting high-quality content. We aim to increase the number of customers from natural search by transmitting content that meets the interests of search users.

In content SEO, it is important to write sentences and analyze user needs = search intent, select co-occurrence words and keywords, and create useful content for search users. If you can provide articles that match the user’s intentions, the entire site’s theme will be organized, and it will be easier to get the top search results.

In addition, we can expect to maximize the effect by optimizing it so that search engines such as Google and Yahoo! can easily evaluate it, measuring the effect after the content is released, rewriting the content and improving the content. ..

“Content SEO” is currently receiving a lot of attention, but why is it so important? 

Why Content SEO with Seo marketing in Mumbai Is Important

There are three main backgrounds in which content SEO is emphasized.

Search engine updates

In SEO measures before the update, “Black Hat SEO” was rampant, which used illegal techniques such as mass installation of backlinks to raise the search ranking of low-quality content forcibly. As a result, low-quality pages dominated the top of the search, significantly reducing convenience.

So Google updated its search engine and cracked down on “black hat SEO”. With the update, poor quality pages that rely on fraudulent techniques such as backlinks will be penalized and no longer able to move up to search rankings. 

Then, “White Hat SEO”, which sends high-quality content according to the search engine’s algorithm and optimizes the top search, has become the royal road.

Then, the page that posted useful information and high-quality content for visitors, White SEO and its royal road, Content SEO, jumped to the top of the search ranking. Good, legitimate pages are being rated with search engine updates and smarter things.

Description in Google Search Central

Google Search Central a support tool that makes it easy to find your site by Google search. Resources are available to help you.

It states that content optimization needs to be “interesting and informative,” Creating informative content that meets your needs affects your website more than any other factor. It is clearly stated that there is a possibility.

On the contrary, it is also stated that even if the site’s reputation is improved by word of mouth etc., such reputation is rarely generated unless the content is made of good quality, and how important the quality of the content is. You can see if it is done. This is another reason why content SEO has become more important.

Synergistic effect with SNS

Another factor that emphasizes content SEO is the spread of SNS such as Twitter and Facebook.

Content SEO creates pages to disseminate high-quality content and information, so getting the number of “likes” and “tweets/retweets” on SNS is easy. Therefore, it is very compatible with the spread of SNS, and synergistic effects can be expected.

The fact that the content itself is treated as material to be posted on SNS is a great advantage for SNS with diffusive power. Since black hat SEO, which provides low-quality content, cannot be expected to spread, content SEO is overwhelmingly advantageous from the perspective of SNS.

Differences between content marketing and content SEO

One thing that is often confused with content SEO is “content marketing.” Content marketing aims to establish fans as fans and ultimately lead to purchases by continuously disseminating the information that users are looking for.

Unlike traditional advertising methods in which companies unilaterally send out information, it has the characteristic of identifying the information requested by users and providing optimal content at the right time. Currently, there are various types regardless of BtoC or BtoB. It was introduced in the industry.

There are various methods for providing content, and in some cases, owned media is operated, and users come to view the content, and in other cases, the content is delivered from the company side like an e-mail newsletter.

Content SEO with Seo marketing in Mumbai has a similar concept to content marketing, but it’s strictly a different strategy for attracting customers. The difference lies in the purpose of both.

Content marketing is “the goal is to build good relationships with users,” not just to attract customers. On the other hand, content SEO is one of the SEOs whose purpose is to display the company’s site at the top of the search and attract customers, and among them, it is a measure that focuses more on the quality of the content.

It’s a concept that is often confused, but it’s a completely different measure, so make sure you understand the difference.

Content SEO implementation procedure

So what are the steps to take when actually implementing content SEO? Introducing the implementation procedure.

Keyword selection

First, select important keywords in content SEO with the best Seo marketing in Mumbai. By clarifying the “goals” and “purposes” of the site, the targets and personas you want to aim for, and firmly setting “what kind of results you want to achieve in the end” and “what kind of people you want to see the site and content”. , It is possible to select keywords that will be the axis of your site.

Once you’ve decided on a key keyword, use suggestion keywords and tools to expand that keyword and select the most important and relevant keywords for your site.

Competitive site analysis

Once you’ve selected your keywords, you need to check the content of your competing content and analyze it to create better content.

Competitive site analysis begins with identifying the top competitors in your search using tools and the like. Next, we will clarify the keyword “keyword gap” in which the company’s site does not hit even if a competitor hits and fill that gap. If you can analyze the differences and create content that exceeds the quality of competing sites, you can improve your content.

In this analysis, it is also important to acquire many links by conducting “top content analysis” to search for content that is causing many links and traffic to compete for sites and create higher quality content.

Creating an outline

Once you’ve selected your keywords and analyzed your competing sites, create an outline to create better content than your other competing sites.

The outline has four main elements: “Title”, “Export”, “Body”, and “Conclusion”. A “title” that has a significant impact on the number of visits should convey the benefits of that page. In “Export”, it is important to clearly describe what the visitor can get from the site so that the site visitor’s interest will be drawn to the end and the text will be read to the end.

The core “text” of a page should be content that is satisfying and easy to read for site visitors, and the “conclusion” concisely conveys the most important points of the page for the reader. By creating a solid outline, you can pursue higher quality content.

Article writing

I will write the content based on it as soon as the outline is complete. When writing an article, it is of utmost importance to create content that is easier for users to understand and that meets their interests. 

When you start writing, you are likely to create content centred on your company, such as “I want to appeal the product”, but then the readers will be separated at once.

Keep in mind the pursuit of the best content for your users, and if necessary, to make it easier to understand, actively use images and videos. It is also important not to compromise on checking and proofreading, such as checking for typographical errors and optimal text volume.

In this article, we introduced “Content SEO,” which is one of the SEOs that optimizes search rankings by continuously transmitting high-quality content.

If you can understand and utilize content SEO well with Seo marketing in Mumbai, you can expect to take a medium- to long-term approach at a low cost and produce high results. However, there are some parts where it is difficult to perform content SEO manually, so it is important to continue patiently and efficiently by using tools etc., to produce results.