The Top Digital Marketing Terms Y’all Require to Understand

The Top Digital Marketing Terms Y’all Require to Understand: Digital marketing is marketing that uses electronic devices and the Internet. To help you understand everything about digital marketing, this blog covers everything from basics to practice.

In this webpage, we have tried to make our readers understand what exactly Digital Marketing does and what are the terms and Definition of Digital Marketing. Take a look at some of the Top Digital Marketing terms one needs to understand

The Top Digital Marketing Terms one needs to know Earned media

Earned media is media such as SNS and blogs where consumers and users are the origin point of information. It is considered to be the most reliable media for consumers because it expresses their own opinions and evaluations.

In terms of marketing strategy, while there is an advantage that information can be spread at no cost, there is also a risk that bad publicity will hurt and spread at once because information cannot be controlled. The advantages and disadvantages of each of the major Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are summarized.
Owned media
Owned media is a general expression for media owned by the company. Since it is managed and operated in-house and information is transmitted, it is an advantage that it can be controlled freely. Owned Media includes your company’s website, SNS accounts, e-mail newsletters, pamphlets, etc.

To make it visible to more people, it is important to raise the level of attention by dragging from earned media and paid media and taking SEO measures by sending content that fits the needs of the target.
Paid media
Paid media is media that pay to place advertisements. This includes sponsoring mass media and events, and listing ads. Together with owned media and earned media, it is called “triple media”.

Paid media is costly and can only disseminate information unilaterally, but it makes it possible to approach potential people who cannot be picked up by owned media and earned media and indifferent people of the company. It’s important to develop a strategy to reach all prospects with a combination of triple media.
Influencer marketing
Influencer marketing is a marketing method in which influential influencers, such as entertainers, famous bloggers, and charisma in a specific field, introduce specific products and services and influence the purchasing behavior of consumers.

While many people block Internet advertising, if there are many influencer followers, the information spread power will increase, the reliability of the product will increase, and it will be felt closer. On the other hand, it is sometimes suspected to be stealth marketing. Keep in mind that if you’re an influencer you can’t manage, you’re at risk of burning.
The webinar is a coined word that combines the web and seminar and is an online seminar of videos held on the Internet. It is also called “Internet seminar” or “Webinar”.

Participants can ask and answer questions on the spot without going to the venue, and the organizer has the advantage of being able to interact with a large number of consumers at once. The webinar will be held as part of the lead nurturing.
Opt-in means to indicate to the other party the intention to receive advertisements, subscribe to e-mail newsletters, permit, approve, etc. in email marketing.

For example, the membership registration form may ask you whether or not to deliver the e-mail newsletter, but if you accept this, you will be “opt-in”. Opt-in customers can expect a high response because they can determine that they have some interest in a product or service.
Opt-out is the opposite of opt-in, and means to refuse to receive advertisements or to indicate to the other party the intention to withdraw, suspend, or cancel the e-mail newsletter. If you continue to send information to customers without permission, it will lead to a decrease in creditworthiness.
Omni-channel refers to ideas and strategies that connect with customers on all channels such as e-commerce sites, stores, events, and call centers. The feature is to approach customers by linking all channels regardless of the real place or the Internet.

Content marketing
Content marketing is a marketing method that leads to customer acquisition and sales improvement by providing useful content that is valuable to users and attracting them to websites.

By implementing Google’s algorithm, good content is displayed at the top and low-quality content is lowered, so more and more companies are trying to strengthen the content of their site. Building high-quality content becomes an asset of the company and is an effective means for SEO measures.
Social media marketing
Social media marketing is marketing activities that use social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, which are “two-way media that everyone can participate in.”

Anyone can easily participate in SNS, and its spreading power and real-time distribution are attractive. Also, since it is transmitted by consumers, it is highly reliable and is regarded as an effective means for marketing products and services.
Tracking is the recording of user behavior on what inflow route, which page they see, and which leads to conversions. In addition to checking the effectiveness of display ads and listing ads posted on the net, we will do this to check which route led to a conversion.

Even if the conversion does not occur, it is possible to analyze where the problem was, and it is an important index for building a marketing strategy after understanding consumer behavior.
Brand lift
Brand lift is one of the indicators to improve brand awareness, purchase motivation, and change of contact users by comparing contact users and non-contact users of branding advertisements.

It is difficult to visualize the effect of branding advertisements that do not use acquisition indicators such as the number of purchases and sales as KPIs. However, it is possible to confirm the degree of increase in corporate image and product recognition by brand lift survey, and it is also possible to turn PDCA.
Landing page
A landing page is, in a broad sense, the first home page a user visits. In a narrow sense, it is a page that attracts a specific user from online advertisements.

Inflow users can be identified by the content of the advertisement, and the information, material requests, inquiries, purchase promotion elements, etc. that the users are looking for are aggregated on one page, so sales increase effectively while minimizing transitions and withdrawals.
DMP (Data Management Platform)
DMP (Data Management Platform) is a platform that centrally manages and analyzes big data accumulated on various servers on the Internet in addition to customer data managed by the company.

There are two types of DMP, “Open DMP” that accumulates and manages behavior history, age, gender and other demographic information on websites owned by various companies, and purchase history that is owned by the company.

It is a “private DMP” that manages data such as behavior history and interests in combination with external data. By linking various information such as behavior history on the website that could not be picked up by the company, it is possible to make an optimal marketing approach for each user.
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a general term for marketing methods for increasing the number of visitors to a specific website or landing page from a search engine.

SEM also includes “SEO”, which is a mechanism to display your website at the top of search results, and “listing advertisement”, which is displayed on search results.

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