Understand system development with the best web development company

“System development” with the best web development company refers to the work of building control systems for electronic devices and business systems in companies. There are a wide variety of tasks that we do. In addition, the required skills differ depending on the work to be done. Therefore, your future career needs to clarify what kind of system development you want. 

This article will introduce the details of system development work, annual income, necessary skills, and how to get a job. Would you please deepen your understanding of system development and use it for your future career?


What is system development with the best web development company?

System development with the best web development company is the construction of various system developments for controlling electronic devices such as home appliances and communication devices and the systematization of business systems of multiple companies. 

There are two types of occupations in charge of system development: “system engineer”, who is in order of outline design, requirement definition, and basic design called upstream, and “programmer” who is in charge of detailed design, programming, testing, introduction support, etc. after that. 

 System engineers

A system engineer in the best web development company writes a “blueprint” for the entire system. The system must be designed and planned by comprehensively judging the client’s request and the competence of the development team.

Also, if the system engineer is also the project manager, he may work with the programmer to manage the entire project. After the system is delivered, we will be in charge of product support and operation.


A programmer in the best web development company create code and builds a system. We will work at the request of the system engineer. I gained several years of experience as a programmer and then became a system engineer most of the time.

System development flow

Then, I will introduce the flow of system development. Areas of responsibility for system engineers and programmers vary by company and project. Generally, the system engineer is in charge of the operation, support, and requirement definition and design. The programmer is in charge of programming work based on the design document created by the system engineer.

Requirements analysis / requirements definition 

First, we will hear from the client what kind of system is required and understand it (requirement analysis). Think about what kind of system is necessary to solve the client’s problem grasped by requirements analysis. Decide which part to systemize and consider the hardware structure and software features (requirements definition). At the same time, it is necessary to decide the construction period and budget.

External design (basic design)

According to the best web development company requirements definition, determine the functions you want to achieve in the system. Since the entire interface, such as the data input/output screen, will be designed, it is necessary to create it from the user’s perspective while having a healthy discussion with the client.

Internal design (detailed design)

Create a system specification by designing the specific method of creating the function determined by the exterior design with the best web development company. Since programming is done based on the specifications, the specifications need to be written in detail at this stage. It would be best to create a notation that is easy for the programmer to understand. So far, it’s the job of a system engineer.


We being the best web development company will program according to the specifications created by the system engineer. The rest of this is the programmer’s job. In many cases, the specifications contain only the minimum necessary content. It is up to the programmer to decide what kind of code should be used to achieve the required operation. Sometimes a system engineer does the programming.


Tests are performed when programming is complete. If a defect is found in the trial, the test is repeated until the fault disappears, such as fixing the part and performing the test again. A system engineer does the test.

Operation and support

It is necessary to respond to system malfunctions and additional requests even after delivery. In addition, if maintenance is required, it will be given each time. Operation and support work is mainly the work of system engineers, but programmers may also be in charge.

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The annual income of people involved in system development

The average annual income of a system engineer is 5.47 million. The average of the whole is 4.42 million, so you will get an annual income that is much higher than the average.

Skills required for people involved in system development

We will introduce the necessary skills separately for system engineers and programmers. 

For system engineers

Programming language

Although we do not write a program, the work of planning and designing a program in response to a client’s request cannot be done without programming knowledge. Even if you are not as proficient as a programmer, you will need primary programming languages.

After working as a programmer, you will naturally acquire knowledge and experience if you become a system engineer.

communication ability

The system engineer in the best web development company stands between the client and the programmer and directs the system construction. We must accurately receive requests from clients and output them to programmers in the form of “system specifications.”

In addition, you will need to follow the client after delivery and instruct the programmer to handle any support or maintenance needs. Information transmission is essential, and high communication skills are required.

Management ability

System engineers must manage the entire project, not just build the system. From the planning/planning stage, it is also necessary to participate in decision-making regarding delivery dates and budgets and achieve the project according to the decisions. System design and management ability of the whole business is essential.

For programmers

Programming language

First of all, programming language skills are necessary. There are multiple programming languages, so it is recommended that you learn them according to your purpose.

There are numerous programming languages, but the language you use depends on your purpose. For example, Java is useful for Web services. Java is a general-purpose language that can also be used for application development, so it is recommended to learn for the first time. There are many other languages ​​such as Ruby, Python, C and C ++.

Choose and learn a language that matches your field.


In some cases, you may build a program by yourself, but you will be building a program as a team in many cases.

Another person may modify the code you wrote. At this time, if you neglect communication such as no comments and program it, it may bother the person who corrects it. For teamwork to proceed smoothly, it is better to be cooperative.

How to get involved in system development

We will show you how to become a system engineer and programmer and qualifications that will give you an advantage.

Qualify to be advantageous in engaging in system development

 You can learn the necessary knowledge by yourself without joining a company. It is helpful to have a qualification to prove your abilities. So, I would like to introduce the capabilities that will give you an advantage in getting a job in system development.

For example, it is good to take the Information-Technology Engineers Examination sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. There are several types, but the first thing you want to pass to become an engineer is the “Basic Information Technology Engineer Examination”. In addition, there is also the “Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination” as a higher-grade qualification. These two qualifications require a required level of knowledge for system development.

There is also a “Network Specialist Examination” as a higher qualification for those who aim to become a system engineers. This test is challenging to break through even for those with work experience. If you have this qualification, you will be evaluated as having the considerable ability.

There are also qualifications for each programming language. For example, there is a “C language programming ability certification test” for C language, and for Ruby, there is a “Ruby engineer certification test”. Learning a programming language is an unavoidable way to develop a system. If you are self-taught, it is recommended that you know the language with these exams as your motivation.