What Is Mobile Friendly SEO? And What Does It Mean?

What Is Mobile Friendly SEO? And What Does It Mean?

What Is Mobile Friendly SEO? And What Does It Mean?: From the terms often used in WEB marketing and SEO, this time we will explain the meaning of “mobile SEO”, the importance of mobile-friendliness, and specific measures for mobile SEO.

What Is Mobile Friendly SEO Mean?

“Mobile SEO” refers to efforts to improve the search ranking in mobile search by optimizing websites for searches on mobile terminals such as smartphones.

In recent years, with the spread of smartphones and social media ( SNS ), the number of websites viewed from smartphones has exploded. At that time, a mechanism called “Mobile Friendly” was announced on Google’s official blog for webmasters in 2015.

Since the implementation of mobile-friendly, websites compatible with smartphones have been displayed with preferential treatment for mobile search results, and SEO measures corresponding to mobile search result algorithms such as mobile-friendly should be taken and is recommended by Google.

The importance of mobile-friendliness

Mobile-friendly is an algorithm implemented by Google in 2015 that raises the search ranking of websites that have WEB pages that support browsing on smartphones, giving preferential treatment to websites that do not support browsing on smartphones. It is a mechanism.

Even if you look at the above Google’s view, if it is not mobile-friendly, it will be difficult to read the content or click it depending on the mobile terminal used by the user, so it will be difficult to see the website. , You can see that there are risks such as “leading to withdrawal” and “lowering the evaluation from search engines”.

What Is Mobile Friendly SEO? And What Does It Mean?

If we can build a mobile-friendly mobile website that is easy for users to see, use, and have high convenience, not only will it have an effect on rankings, but it will also have various effects such as preventing users from leaving, extending their staying time, and leading to migration rates can be expected.

Now that the penetration rate of smartphones has increased explosively, in order to meet the needs of users who search from mobile terminals, in addition to SEO measures for personal computers, it is possible to implement mobile SEO that supports such mobile-friendliness. It is important.

About specific measures for mobile SEO

Prior to the implementation of mobile-friendliness, smartphone-specific search rankings did not exist, and the content was almost the same as the search results on PCs. 

However, since mobile-friendliness was implemented, websites that support smartphones have been displayed at the top of search results, and it has become necessary to optimize smartphone pages, that is, take mobile SEO measures. ..

Mobile SEO basically uses the same method as SEO measures for personal computers, but specifically, We will implement measures such as.

Being a mobile-friendly website

You can check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not with a free tool called “Mobile-Friendly Test” provided by Google.

Once you’ve implemented a mobile web page on your website, you need to tell Google’s search engine to recognize it correctly. 

The recommended method for this is to operate the website with a “responsive design”.

Responsive web design is a method of returning the same HTML to each terminal for the same URL, and the display content can be optimized according to the size of the terminal. 

Responsive web design is the most recommended method for efficiently advancing mobile SEO measures.

Dynamic delivery”

Different HTML (and CSS ) are delivered from the server at the same URL, depending on the user agent requesting the page. 

How to: Use the Vary HTTP header to communicate changes depending on the user agent.

What Is Mobile Friendly SEO? And What Does It Mean?
  • “Separate URLs”
  • Prepare another URL to deliver the same mobile content for each URL for PC.
  • Method: Use the tag, rel = ”canonical” element, rel = ”alternate” element to tag the relationship between the two URLs.
  • You also need to detect the user agent string and redirect it correctly.

Responsive design is recommended, but please make it mobile-friendly according to the situation of the website.

Eliminate mistakes that reduce the convenience of mobile users

If a small mistake causes “video not playing” or “image cannot be viewed”, there is a risk that the convenience of mobile users will be reduced. To avoid such mistakes, it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to the following points.

  • Do not use non-playable content such as Flash
  • Do not block JavaScript, CSS, image files
  • Appropriate redirect settings
  • Web page display speed is slow
  • The error that occurs when accessing with a mobile terminal
  • Inappropriate reciprocal links
  • Font size too small

By practising mobile SEO, which targets searches on mobile devices, we can expect effects such as improved usability and higher evaluation from search engines.

In 2018, Google officially announced the launch of the “Mobile First Index,” which is a policy to make websites for smartphones the main index for evaluation, and it is expected that mobile SEO will become even more important in the future.

Therefore, if you do not yet support mobile SEO, let’s actively implement the mobile SEO measures mentioned this time in order to increase the number of customers and conversions from the mobile website.

So far, we have explained the meaning of “mobile SEO”, the importance of mobile-friendliness, and specific measures for mobile SEO. 


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