What is SEM? Thorough analysis on differences from SEO!

What is SEM? Thorough analysis on differences from SEO!

What is SEM? Thorough analysis on differences from SEO: Abbreviation for “Search Engine Marketing”, which is marketing conducted to Internet search engine users. This SEM has two main measures, SEO and listing advertisement, both of which utilize search engines. 

If these measures are taken successfully, the influx of searches and conversions (applications and inquiries) will increase, leading to an increase in sales from the Web.

On the other hand, if you do not do SEM, you cannot expect sales improvement.

To avoid this bad situation, do a good job of SEM and improve the quality of your web marketing.

Based on this point, this time I would like to explain the points in an easy-to-understand manner even for beginners, focusing on the definition of SEM and the difference between SEM and SEO.

Difference between SEM and SEO

As mentioned earlier, SEM is search engine marketing that includes SEO and listing advertising measures. In other words, SEO is one of the SEM measures so there is no big difference between SEM and SEO in the policy framework.

What is SEM? Thorough analysis on differences from SEO!

In addition, the purpose of SEM is to attract search users to their website for conversion and increase sales. On the other hand, the purpose of SEO is to index sites that consider user convenience and aim for higher ranking in this way, The big difference between SEM and SEO is that they have different purposes.

Features of SEM

Understanding the characteristics of SEM will help you make decisions about implementing measures.

Can appeal to search users

  • Affects search performance
  • Easy to cost
  • The effect differs depending on the measure
  • Affect sales
  • Can appeal to search users

For example, suppose you do any SEO on your website.

If this SEO works, you can get your site up and running. That way, it will appear on the first page of search results and will be more visible to search users. As a result, you can appeal to search users.

Affects search performance

For example, we will place and operate listing advertisements.

At this time, increase the cost per click and optimize the ad text and the landing page of the ad destination. This will improve your quality score.

As a result, it’s easier to get higher rankings, which makes it easier to click in the inventory of search results.

Easy to cost

  • For example, even if you take SEO measures yourself, it is often not possible to display them at the top of the search results.
  • In this case, consider requesting an SEO vendor.
  • In addition, to place listing ads, we use services such as Google Ads and Yahoo Ads.
  • In this case, a deposit is required to publish. 
  • The effect differs depending on the measure
  • the effect will differ depending on the measure.
  • For example, after taking SEO measures, it usually takes 4 months to 1 year to get the results.
  • To put it a little more, it takes a fairly long period for search users to reach the top of their site.
  • Therefore, the immediate effect is low and it takes time to attract customers.
  • On the other hand, listing ads will appear in the paid inventory at the top of the search results as soon as you place them.
  • If so, click on the ad link and your search users will immediately flow to your site.
  • Therefore, it has a high immediate effect and does not take time to attract customers.

Affect sales

SEM affects sales

For example, take SEO measures with keywords related to the product you want to sell, or place a listing advertisement. This will make it easier for users (prospects) who are interested in the product to flow into your site. As a result, applications and inquiries are promoted, leading to increased sales. In this way, one of the characteristics of SEM is that it affects sales.

SEM countermeasure method

Good SEM measures will improve search performance. As a result, it will lead to increased sales. Here are some effective SEM countermeasures to make this a good situation.

SEO measures

  • Operate listing ads
  • SEO measures

To take SEO measures consider the user’s search intent. For example, first look at the title names and content trends of competing for top sites that are displayed with the keywords (SEO keywords) that you want to display at the top.

What is SEM? Thorough analysis on differences from SEO!
  • Then incorporate that trend into your content.
  • At this time, including the SEO keyword in the title name.
  • That way, you’ll end up with a web page that contains the information your users want.
  • As a result, it will be evaluated by Google, leading to higher search rankings and promotion of indexes.

In this way, SEO measures are the key to SEM measures. By the way, the better the EAT and page experience, the better the quality of your site.

That would make it even easier for Google to evaluate it.

Operate listing ads

To run listing ads first, utilize dedicated advertising services such as Google Ads and Yahoo Ads.

For example, use Google Ads to select and set the search keywords for which you want to display search ads.

  • In addition, create and set ad text, banners, and landing pages that are related to the search keyword.
  • Finally, deposit Google Ads to activate your ads.
  • That way, your ad will appear in the search results for the keyword you’re aiming for (search query).
  • While watching the search performance of the ad from time to time, we repeatedly optimize the cost-per-click, ad text, LP, etc.
  • As a result, if it is evaluated by Google, the quality score will increase, so it will be more cost-effective.

Things to avoid with SEM measures

Even if you take SEM measures, the improper adjustment will have the opposite effect. As a result, search inflows and conversions will not increase, which will not lead to increased sales from the Web.

  • Do black hat SEO
  • Violate advertising policy

Do black hat SEO

  • If you do black hat SEO, You are more likely to be penalized.
  • For example, copy the content of another site to create and publish a page.
  • In this case, it’s easy for Google to recognize it as content that has been duplicated without permission, or as a page that has little or no original content.
  • If this happens, the risk of penalties increases for violating the guidelines for webmasters.
  • As a result, the influx of searches will decrease due to index deletion and a significant drop in search ranking, leading to a decline in sales.
  • In this way, doing black hat SEO is a point you want to avoid in SEM measures.
  • By the way, it is also a violation of the guidelines to provide different content to users and search engines through malicious redirects, markup, cloaking, hidden text and hidden links. In addition, providing low-quality content such as keyword-packed content and navigation pages can easily lead to penalties.

Violate advertising policy

  • If you violate the advertising policy advertising will be stopped.
  • For example, when you create a Google ad, you may not knowingly post information about your product or display misleading information about your product, service, or business.
  • In this case, misrepresentation increases the likelihood of violating Google Ads policy.
  • In that case, in the worst case, advertisements will be stopped and the inflow from search advertisements and display advertisements will decrease.
  • As a result, sales from the Web will decline.
What is SEM? Thorough analysis on differences from SEO!

In this way, violating the advertising policy is the point to avoid in SEM measures. By the way, there are other prohibited methods, prohibited contents, and restricted contents other than those mentioned here.

Therefore, consider such methods and contents as well.

Do SEM well and improve the quality of web marketing

  • Perform SEM well, Improve the quality of web marketing.
  • For that purpose, it is important to hold down the points of SEM and take countermeasures.
  • For example, for SEO measures, the site is operated in consideration of the user’s search intention, EAT, and page experience.
  • In the case of listing ads, we will repeatedly optimize the cost per click, ad text, LP, etc. of the ad to raise the quality score.
  • On the other hand, if you do not take measures by holding down the points of SEM, no effect can be expected.
  • As a result, search influx and conversion cannot be promoted, so it is not possible to expect an increase in sales from the Web.
  • To avoid these bad situations, do a good job of SEM and improve the quality of your web marketing.


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